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Finding people

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 30, 2014 7:04 pm

The best way to find info on someone whom you or you family have never heard of is to start with their name.

Say that you may have found your ggg-grandparent on a record and are trying to go further with no info on them but a name. Find all you can on your gg-grandparent and use that info. If you gg-grandparent were born in Texas at around 1910 then that could be plenty of information to go on.

Search for your ggg-grandparent by looking for records with their name and add about 20 to 40 years onto that birth year of your gg-grandparent. So using an ancestry research website you would type in their name, the place your previous relative was born and a birth range from about 1870-1890 (or 1900). The best document to look for first is the census.

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